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Breakfast at the Noble Restaurant

Continental buffet breakfast – included in the accommodation price, both in case of the Hotel, VIP Cottage and Forest Complex.


Where the whole fable begins…

The Noble Restaurant will take you on a culinary journey to the most sophisticated flavours ever experienced. We serve mostly regional cuisine, yet do not hesitate to reach for some delicacies from afar, too. We gather recipes from foreign lands and turn them into dishes delicious beyond measure so that you want to come back to us again and again …

… searching for the taste impeccable, hidden amongst the flowers …

A part of the Noble Restaurant is the Orangery with beautiful glass walls from three sides, especially attractive and appealing in the spring and summer, when there are flowers all around.

It’s a perfect place for family dinners, romantic meetings, business lunches or receptions of all kinds.

We always value the local products in our kitchen, supporting thereby the regional economy and family traditions.

The Restaurant is open daily (Mon-Sun) from 8:00 am until the Last Guest leaves us.

Enjoy your meal!